Financial Services

Public Offerings

Emirates Capital offers public market access for private companies seeking to raise capital to finance their growth.

  • Support issuers in developing their business plans.

  • Test assumptions underlying the issuers growth plans.

  • Evaluate future scenarios.

  • Conduct extensive financial modeling to value businesses using customary methodologies derived from our global trans- actions experience.

    Listing Documents
  • Support issuers in drafting their prospectuses.

  • Support companies during the listing process.

  • Liaise with the regulators to advance the interest of our clients.

    Book Building & Pricing
  • Coordinate roadshows on behalf of our clients.

  • Assess level of interest from investors.

  • Set initial price and shares to be issued based on expected demand.

  • Determine optimal allocations.

  • Strong investor networks in:

  • GCC
  • Europe
  • China
  • Russia
  • North America
  • Strong connections to European family offices.