Financial Services

Investment Management

Emirates Capital is raising a Private Equity Fund focusing on mid-market acquisitions in the Resources, Energy, Renewables and related Industries sectors in the BRIC and MENA regions. Additionally, Emirates Capital offers structuring and establishment advice on setting up specialised investment vehicles or funds, and offers the management of these private equity funds, hedge funds, venture capital and other alternative investments on behalf of clients.


  • Structuring of investment vehicles

  • Establishment of investment vehicles

  • Investment advisory to fund vehicles

    Private Equity Fund

  • Identification of BRIC and MENA region investments in the sectors of:

  • Resources
  • Energy
  • Renewables
  • Investment management services to offshore/foreign funds

  • Established track record and knowledge base to raise and manage funds in these sectors

  • Established track record and knowledge base to advise companies in these sectors